Let's say my seomatic Site SEO Name = My Site and my Site SEO Title = A Wonderful Website

With the default values for seomatic's Site SEO Name Placement and Site SEO Name Separator, this will output the following title:

<title>A Wonderful Website | My Site</title>

This makes sense for the majority of pages on my site, where by setting a custom title for the page I'll get something like About Us | My Site

But on the homepage, I actually want to swap the order of these, so that the title becomes:

<title>My Site | A Wonderful Website</title>

This seems like a fairly common thing to do, but I can't seem to find a way to trick seomatic into allowing this without setting Site SEO Name Placement to None (which I don't want to do because the default value works well on all other pages).

Even trying to manually set the entire title won't work, because it will insist on adding the Site SEO Name to the end:

{% set seomaticMeta = seomaticMeta | merge({ seoTitle: 'My Site | A Wonderful Website' }) %}

Any way around this?

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The following works (but is undocumented):

{% set seomaticSiteMeta = seomaticSiteMeta | merge({'siteSeoTitlePlacement': 'before'}) %}

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