I can't find a way to clean up the search address from /search/?q=.../ to /search/query/.

I see ways of getting the last segment of the url with something like craft.request.getSegment. My other permalinks work fine, but for search I can't get the search template to pickup the /query/ bit (results in a logical 404 page).

So either it's my .htaccess (using the one provided) missing something. Or alter something else.

Thanks for any help!

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You forgot to setup the routes for your search URLs.

In this case I’d recommend to use an advanced route with a regular expression, as it allows to use patterns that will ignore the slashes between your search terms. You’d setup the route in your craft/config/routes.php file (see Advanced Routing in the Craft docs).

return array(
    'search/(?P<query>.+)' => 'search/_result',

This route matches all URLs which start with search/, populates a variable named query with everything that comes after the search/ and routes the request to a template search/_result.html.

In your template you can now use the split filter to get the individual words. You can then join them to a nice search string for your criteria model (see Search Syntax in the docs).

{% set words = query|split('/') %}
{% set searchParam = words|join(' OR ') %}

Using this Twig code you’d prepare a search string that finds elements containing “advanced” or “routes” for an example URL http://example.com/search/advanced/routes.

  • Thanks, this worked like a charm! Learned something new :)
    – Kitsune
    Commented Dec 8, 2016 at 19:50

If you go to Settings > Routes in the CP you're able to add routes with wildcard characters like:


and then point that to a template.

You can also register site routes in a plugin if you want to go down that route (no pun intended)

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