I have a plugin that is listening to the onSaveProduct event.

In my product settings, in the "Automatic SKU Format" field I have:


That way I am always working the main product title.

For the SKU, I want to only use the first initial of each word - so I am doing this from my plugin:

$default_sku = $event->params['product']->defaultVariant->sku;
$expr = '/(?<=\s|^)[a-z]/i';

preg_match_all($expr, $default_sku, $matches);

$sku = strtoupper(implode('', $matches[0]));


error_log((craft()->config->get('devMode')) ? 'SKU: ' . $sku : '');

Let's say I have "My Super Product" as the title. The above is generating this: MSP


But, now I'm not sure how to go back and re-save the product.

Do I need to re-find the product and then set the defaultSku and then re-save it? Not sure how to proceed.

Thank you for any suggestions!


You should be able to do this the usual way of setting entry fields in a plugin I think:

            'sku' => $sku,

(Alternatively, you could listen to onBeforeSaveProduct - https://craftcommerce.com/docs/events-reference#commerce_products.onbeforesaveproduct - and since the product will be saved after that anyway you could probably leave out the call to saveProduct in that case)

I don't think I've tried it with products but it certainly works with orders for much the same sort of thing.

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