I'm trying to render my HTML, CSS, JavaScript with the use of template hooks from a plugin.

{% hook 'video.slider' %}

Is it possible? If it is, can you give some snippet?

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In your plugin's main file init method setup your template hook. In this hook you can call a service method to return your rendered HTML.

public function init()
        craft()->templates->hook('video.slider', function(&$context)
            $response = craft()->pluginname_service->serviceMethod();
            return $response;

In your plugin's service file create a method to return your rendered HTML.

function serviceMethod() 

        $oldPath = craft()->path->getTemplatesPath();

        $newPath = craft()->path->getPluginsPath().'path/templates/folder';

        $templateName = '_templatename';

        //If you need to get data from somewhere else to pass to the template
        $htmlData = craft()->plugin_service->serviceMethod();

        $htmlResponse = craft()->templates->render($templateName, array("variableName" => $htmlData));

        //reset path

        return $htmlResponse;

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