I feel like I'm missing something very obvious, all I need to do is return plain text (not JSON) in response to an action. If I use returnJson() it returns the value with quotation marks around it. I'm dealing with a closed system that expects a VERY specific format, so the added quotations cause the submission to fail.

So for added clarification:

$returnValue = "abc,123"

I get: "abc,123"

I NEED: abc,123


So I realized I can just do die("abc,123") and get the result I need. I am definitely open to better or more "correct" solutions though.


You can just use PHP's echo method to directly output to the browser.

$returnValue = "abc,123";
echo $returnValue;

Nothing wrong with a plain old echo() statement, even returnJson() essentially just echoes your data (after JSON encoding it, of course).

If it feels better, you can use $this->renderText('abc,123'); – although it'll also basically just call echo() for you.

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