Simple question: I made a button in my plugin settings that creates a Craft.postActionRequest but what should the controller return?

It does not need to return anything else than true (successful) or string (action was not successful -> errormessage) but if I return a true or a false or anything else than a template to render I get an error...

Little example:
my template is just

{{ response }}

And my controller

//correct -> no error, this template is just empty
public function actionDeleteAccessToken(){
    return $this->renderTemplate('srgoogleanalytics/tools/empty', array(response => true));

but if I make something like this

public function actionDeleteAccessToken(){
    return true;

I receive a PHP error file not found. What do I wrong?

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If you're just looking to return true or an error message from your controller's action, then it should probably be something like:

$this->returnJson(array('success' => true));

Or on error:


returnErrorJson will set an 'error' key and pass whatever mess you use as its value.

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