I am new to Craft CMS and although it is quite simple to use I am stuck on this one. I have 3 sections ('books', 'games', 'movies') and want to do the following:

{% for sub_entry in craft.entries('{{ entry.sectionName }}').find() %}

The problem is that it gives me all sub_entries not just the ones within a specific section i.e. entry.sectionName? If I print out {{ entry.sectionName }} on my website it gives me the correct sectionNames but somehow I can not pass it on to the for loop?

How do I solve this? Kind regards, Pete


In Craft/Twig, you'll never need to nest {{ and {% tags inside of each other.


{% for sub_entry in craft.entries('{{ entry.sectionName }}').find() %}

Should be:

{% for sub_entry in craft.entries(entry.sectionName).find() %}

hmm, wat do you mean with sub_entries? As a general pointer I would do it like this:

{% set books = craft.entries.section('books') %} 

and then loop over the books.

To get back to your question, I would suggest moving all the different sections into 1 channel with multiple types in it. For example:

Channel: Media


  • Books
  • Games
  • Movies

Then you can query them like this:

{% set books = craft.entries.section('media').type(['books']) %}

{% for entry in books %}
{% endfor %}

More info on types here

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