I have the following problem: My Craft site was setted up normally. I made entries with matrix structure and build one after another.

Then after i built a lot of entries i wanted to set up a second locale for the site.

So i used the craft manual on your site and i told the fields that i want to have in the second language as well that its translateable.

But now if i want to translate my matrix fields in the entry, THE HOLE matrix structure is gone :O but of course i do not want to create them new.

If i do ne entries now after setting up the second language, matrix fields are translateable, but not my entries that were exist before... How can i now fix it? I read on different blogs that is a bug..

Please help me :)

Best Regards

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My guess is that you've got xDebug installed and you're running into this: Why are some entry detail views empty in the control panel?

Or your php.ini file's memory_limit is set to something low and you're running out of memory and it needs to be bumped up.


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