Unless I'm missing something, it seems like it is impossible to search by ID in the CP (and therefore via ElementCriteriaModel's search).

I know you can make it sortable using modifyEntrySortableAttributes, but it still doesn't make it searchable.

I've also tried id::"123", which doesn't work.

Any way to do this?


If you analyze POST request you will see this:

enter image description here

To get items by id you need to create custom request and add criteria[id]=(int id here) e.x. use this

It is most likely related to the way how ElementCriteriaModel works (99% sure) :

    id: 123, // search by ID*
    search: 'search query'

search by ID*

craft.entries returns ElementCriteriaModel - Source

You won't be able to use default CP search form to get entries by ID

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