When a user clicks 'Add to Cart', rather than redirecting them to the cart page, I would like to trigger an off-canvas menu that contains the contents of their shopping cart.

I'm using http://git.blivesta.com/drawer for the menu implementation

The menu can be toggled/opened with javascript, but I'm unsure as to how to trigger the opening of the menu when a user clicks 'Add to Cart'.

Ideally, I would like this to be possible, without reloading the page.

Has anyone implemented anything similar?


The basic recipe is this, and you can definitely do it without a page reload:

  • In your JS, listen for the form's submit event
  • Prevent the default submit
  • Ajax submit the form's data to the Commerce addToCart controller
  • Grab the result of this call...
  • If error - show error
  • If cart - JS pass the cart's data off to your drawer system and print out the cart that way (that's the quickest way, or you can just ajax load in a Craft template to where you have your drawer, the cart variable in that will have the updated cart data)

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