I have a plugin that's loaded on the edit page of an entry.

Whenever I open the entry edit page, I would like to retrieve the id of this particular entry. I've tried this: {% set someId = craft.request.getParam('entryId') %}

But this just returns null.

I need the id because I use it in my service: craft.pluginName.getRecordByEntryId(someId). Which will return information that's bound to that page.

I've also tried this:

{% for entry in craft.entries %}
{% if entry.id %}
    <p>EntryId: <input type="text" value="{{ entry.id }}"/></p>
{% endif %}{% endfor %}

But this will return all the entry id's, which I can't really use.

Any help or advice on how I should tackle this differently?

Thanks in advance!


craft()->request->getParam() is only going to check for the value as part of the query string in the URI or in POST if it is a POST request, which is why it's returning null on the edit entry page in the control panel (it isn't in either).

But since it looks like you're using a template hook in your plugin, you can get the entry id directly from the context:

$entry = $context['entry'];

if (!$entry->id)
    // New entry
    $entryId = $entry->id;

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