I know that I can apply a discount if a specific number of products is ordered. I could also add a discount for a specific product, with a specific amount. But, am I able to create a discount with this conditions:

  • Applies to entire product type
  • A specific number of one product is added to the cart

So, if I set this discount for 3 products, but people buy 2 x PRODUCT A, 1 x PRODUCT B, it would not apply. If customers buy 3 x PRODUCT A, 2 x PRODUCT B, it would apply for product A.

I could probably fix it with a plugin, but is it possible out of the box? Am I missing something?

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As far as the release notes from Commerce 1.2: https://craftcommerce.com/changelog#build1323

It can only be given a minimum quantity of items now.

  • If i look into your question, i would create a discount coupon -> Conditions -> Add Products select Product A -> Minimum Purchase Quantity and Maximum Purchase Quantity set to 3 that would solve it. If it works please upvote it.
    – Bram B
    Commented Oct 12, 2016 at 12:27

You can achieve this with a custom adjuster. Please refer the code snippet below.

Create a new adjuster and apply your logic here

// check each line item
foreach($lineItems as $lineItem)
<your business logic here
$discount_total = <amount>;

$order->baseDiscount = $order->baseDiscount - $discount_total;

$myAdjuster->type = "Custom discount";
$myAdjuster->name = "Group discount";
$myAdjuster->description = "Total of discount";
$myAdjuster->amount = -$discount_total;
$myAdjuster->orderId = $order->id;
//        //if your Adjuster affects lineItems rather than the total, you record the ids here
$myAdjuster->optionsJson = ['lineItemsAffected'=> null ];
$myAdjuster->included = false;

return [$myAdjuster];

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