Can someone tell me how to do an image transform on a reference tag? I've tried

{% set images %}
<img src="{asset:123:getUrl('transform')}" />
<img src="{asset:124:getUrl('transform')}" />
{% endset %}

{{ images|parseRefs|raw }}

But this just gives back the source urls and not the crops.



I believe a Reference Tag can not perform an image transform because it doesn't return an ElementCriteriaModel object.

I worked around this by using the craft asset id parameter:

    {% set assetSearch  = craft.assets.id(12651) %}


I think you are forgetting to loop through the images. If not could you be clearer in your question?

It should work like this:

{% for image in entry.imageHandle %}
    <img src="('{{ image.getUrl('transform') }}')" width="{{ image.getWidth('transform') }}" height="{{ image.getHeight('transform') }}');">
{% endfor %}
  • Hi justin, I would like to use the reference tags. To do that I need to parse the var as explained in: link But as I don't just want the url back, I don't get how to parse the code to also do an image transfrom. Regards – Coen van der Kolk Oct 7 '16 at 8:56

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