All the documentation, and answers here say this should work... But it returns the 404 instead of redirecting and I can't figure out why?

  • Section: Structure = help
  • Entry URL Format: Top-Level Entries = help/{slug}
  • Entry URL Format: Nested Entries = help/{slug}
  • Entry 'sTemplate = help/_entry

Top line of the "help/_entry.html" template contains

{% if entry is not defined %}
    {% redirect "/help/welcome-to-help" 301 %}
{% endif %}

where "welcome-to-help" is an Entry slug in the Help Section.

If I hit "example.com/help/welcome-to-help/" (or any other valid Slug), everything works fine. But if I hit "example.com/help/asdf/" it returns the 404 instead of redirecting.

Am at a loss at this point??


The reason you're getting a 404 is because Craft isn't even hitting your help/_entry.html template. Because there's no entry matching the URI /help/asdf, the template will never render and the request will go straight to 404.

The solution is to create a dynamic route matching your section's URL format (i.e. help/<slug>), and point it to the same template.

This works, because whenever Craft can't match a URI to an entry or category, it'll then try to render any dynamic route matching the URI's format (for a deeper understanding of how Craft manages routes and requests, I'd recommend looking at the the official docs' page on routing).

  • Thanks so much @Mats. I'm migrating an EE site and in the old site, when a user hit /help/ I would simply check for value in seg2, and if didn't exist, would specify a specific Entry_ID in the EE Entries tag. That would always display whatever Entry the client wanted at the /help/ index. So what I'm now doing in Craft (found in another question here) in these simple Sections is having help/index and help/_entry, where help/index just has a 301 redirect to /help/valid-index-slug-wanted-by-client A bit of a hack but accomplishes what the client wants. Oct 11 '16 at 14:53

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