I am using the profile photo on users' posts (author image) and I would like to provide a link to download a larger image. I am currently able to get the "full" size of the cropped image like this:

<img src="{{ entry.author.getPhotoUrl('original') }}" alt="{{ entry.title }}">

Is there a way to get to the image that looks like is stored here:

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    I don't believe so. You might be able to do something creative with a plugin, but I'm not entirely certain that would work either. User Profile images are a special case, since they're not regular Assets. if I remember correctly, I believe that those might get transitioned to regular Assets in Craft 3. (I say that with about 60% confidence.)
    – Lindsey D
    Commented Sep 30, 2016 at 23:27

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As you've discovered, you can get the full cropped version of the image with author.getPhotoUrl('original'), but Craft doesn't keep a copy of the original un-cropped version of the image around.

And Lindsey is more than 60% correct... user photos are 1st class Asset citizens in Craft 3, making this less awkward.


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