I'm using Redactor 2 and I set config air: true and plugin: ['codemirror']. The issue is when I click on html button the air toolbar disappears and is not possible to have toolbar on redactor again.

Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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I found a quick solution to show toolbar when hover code mirror

 callbacks: {   
   init: function() {    

But the issue is the same when i have more then one redactor in same page, because it shows both toolbar...

Any help on this ? Thanks

  • Try changing $('.redactor-air') to $(this).closest('.redactor-air') inside the hover event callback function. Oct 29, 2016 at 18:26

The right thing to do is

var that = this;
var id = $(that.$editor).attr('id')
var idnumber = id.replace('redactor-uuid-','')


init: function()

Now its ok, its only opens one if you have more than one

THanks Carlos Vieira


I created a callback on click in the .CodeMirror-gutters:

init: function(e) {
    var a = this.codemirror;
        if(a.$textarea.hasClass('open')){ a.hide(); }

and added a Material Icons code icon to the .CodeMirror-gutters:after css:

.CodeMirror-gutters:after {
    font-family: 'Material Icons';
    content: '\E86F';

so that when the user clicks the gutter in 'source' mode, it toggles back to 'visual' mode.

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