My plugin has a custom ResponseRecord with relations to a UserRecord and ElementRecord as follows:

public function defineRelations()
    return array(
        'user' => array(static::BELONGS_TO, 'UserRecord', 'user_id', 'required' => true, 'onDelete' => static::CASCADE),
        'element' => array(static::BELONGS_TO, 'ElementRecord', 'question_id', 'required' => true, 'onDelete' => static::CASCADE),

Can I query custom fields on the user or element models when querying with findAll() on this custom ResponseRecord record? If not, is there a more efficient way than iterating through all ResponseModel and UserModel?

For example, I need to query where user.industry (custom text field) is 'Agriculture' and where the ResponseRecord's year attribute is 2016.

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