I created a new Single section and named it "test", added some content and tried to view it on domain.com/test. Unfortunately I get my default server 404 and not the new single section.

I tried to add a new route using "test" => "_layout" but can't see any change.

Do you have any idea why this isn't working?


Here the both screenshots.



I hope that helps.

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    Could you share screenshots of your section settings and entry type settings for your "test" single section? Sep 14 '16 at 14:55

You will need to add a template called test.html that extends the "_layout.html" template. The layout template is just a wrapper template, and with the "_" in front of it, it will always be invisible to a browser.

Take a look at the twig references on extending templates. Also look at the templates supplied with the initial install to get a better idea how this works.

Twig Extend

Routes are for more refined routing of templates and you should not need a route for current implementation.

Imagine if "_layout.html" were named "_wrapper.html" and it makes a little more sense.

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