How can I detect when a modal window has been opened or closed?

I am writing a plugin which wants to detect when a garnish elementeditor modal window has been opened or closed.

  • This would be very helpful for some Commerce UI stuff as well...was trying to do this the other day and hit a bit of a wall with it. Ideally all the modals would be detectable and have a unique class name... Sep 8, 2016 at 2:19

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This is what I ended up doing:


There is a Garnish.Modal.visibleModal that will contain the handle to the Garnish modal object if one is visible. You can use this to see if a modal is visible, and even see which one.

Unfortunately there's no event I'm aware of that triggers when a modal is shown, so you'll still have to poll via window.setTimeout() -- it's a hack, but...


It looks as if there is no clean way to do this. The solution I am using to detect a new modal is

  • detect double click on the element
  • wait a second until the modal has opened
  • find the modal which is actually open

Like this:

$('body').on('dblclick', 'div.element.small', function() {
  window.setTimeout(function(event) {
    // get our modal (there may be several, only one is displayed)
    var $modalContainer = $('div.hud[style*="display: block;"]');
    if ($modalContainer.length) {
      // we have a new modal, do our thing
  }, 1000);

To detect a modal closing:

  • use window.setInterval for polling (I needed that anyway)
  • check whether the modal container is still display: block. (I have hold of something in the container, and so I look outward from there.)
  • if not, the modal has closed

Like this:

if (! $somethingInTheModal.closest('div.hud[style*="display: block;"]').length) {
  // our modal is closed

By no means ideal, but it seems to be working at the moment for me.

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