The following code is throwing an error for me.

{% set eventEntries = craft.entries.find({
    section: 'events',
    event_startDateTime: '<= {{ now }}',
    limit: '4'
}) %}

{% for entry in eventEntries %}

Fatal error: Call to a member function getTimestamp() on a non-object

What I'm trying to do is pull 4 events where a date field (event_startDateTime) is before the current time. My suspicion is that the {{ now }} variable isn't parsing inside the single quotes, but I'm not entirely sure. Can anyone correct my code?


In Twig, you'll never need to double up on your curly brackets. I.E.

{{ {{ }} }}


{% {{ }} %}

Change this (which is already inside of {% %}:

event_startDateTime: '<= {{ now }}',

To use string concatenation like this:

event_startDateTime: '<= ' ~ now,

And you should be set.

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