I have a template which I want to use for different sections.

In my template I have this code:

{% set pages = craft.entries.section('catering').level(1) %}
  {% for page in pages %}
    <li>{{ page.getLink() }}</li>
  {% endfor %}

But I want to select the current section by Craft self. So I can use the same template for multiple sections.


To expand on my comment you could do this:

In templates/_pages/index.twig you would do:

{% include '_pages/_types/_' ~ entry.type %}

Then create a folder in /templates/_pages/ called _types in it use, an example _standard.twig in which "standard" coincides to your Entry Type slug.

I hope that helps. I couldn't find the original SE post but I know that this method has been mentioned and preferred by many Crafters!


What i want do is:

I will get all level 1 childs from the current Section to build a Subnav with it. Like:

{% set pages = craft.entries.section(getCurrentSection).level(1) %}

What i need to know is the current section handle. Thank you ;)

  • You really should update your question, not answering it in this way. – Mark Busnelli Jr Sep 2 '16 at 15:16

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