I need to order the results of a search query after I got back the results. The reason to do this is that I want to make different lists on the same page (with the same results) and I dont't want to search over and over again just to reorder te results. Can I do that? So basically I do this:

{% set results =  craft.entries.section('player').search('team:"thenameoftheteam"') %}

What I want to do with this result is: loop

  • through the results and order them by playerPosition
  • show the longest player (lengths are in the field playerHeight)
  • show the oldest player (birth dates are in the field playerBirth)

I could run this query 3 times and order by a different field each time, but I don't think that's the way to go.

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Not really feasible without a plugin – fortunately, there's the excellent SuperSort:

{% set results =  craft.entries.section('player').search('team:"thenameoftheteam"') %}

{% set resultsByPlayerPosition = entries|supersort('sortAs', '{playerPosition}') %}
{% set resultsByPlayerHeight = entries|supersort('sortAs', '{playerHeight}') %}
{% set resultsByPlayerBirth = entries|supersort('sortAs', '{playerBirth}') %}

If you need the sorted results in the opposite order, you can just apply the |reverse filter, i.e.

{% set resultsByPlayerHeight = entries|supersort('sortAs', '{playerHeight}')|reverse %}

If e.g. playerPosition is a relational field (a category, perhaps), you'll need to do something like this:

{% set resultsByPlayerPosition = entries|supersort('sortAs', '{{ playerPosition.first.title }}') %}

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