I changed the language locale to Hungarian, but the translation for the singles looks a bit funny. Is there an easy way to override it with my version?

Singles are translated to "Egyedülállók" but that 99% of the time here means a single person and not a single something.

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You can add your own translations by placing a region-specific translation file in a craft/translations folder. The filename should be named after your locale and return an array of translations. In your case this may look like a file named:


And within that file, returning an array like so:


return array(
    "Singles" => "Something Better than Egyedülállók"

All strings that are identified as translatable in your front-end templates and the Craft Control Panel files, will be checked against these translations when loading a page in your particular locale. Craft's help doc on Static Translations discusses what this could look like in your templates.

If the phrase is really off in your language, you may want to reach out to Pixel & Tonic and let them know as well. I believe they welcome recommendations from community members on how language translations can be improved.

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    Note: a craft/translations folder is not to be confused with the system's craft/app/translations folder. You need to add a craft/translations folder yourself.
    – Moto_Nomad
    Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 1:24
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    It's also possible to keep your translation files somewhere else/outside the /craft folder – just set the CRAFT_TRANSLATIONS_PATH PHP constant to your desired path (you can set the constant it in your /public/index.php file, for example). Commented Aug 24, 2016 at 8:02

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