I set up a Redactor config to add h3 headings only. If I copy-paste texts from a text edition software like Microsoft Word and uses h1 or h2 for example in his document, these un-wanted headings will be pasted in the rich text field. In another way, if I add an heading tag like <h1> in the source code mode of Redactor, this unwanted heading will also be added.

How can I prevent this and set a list of unwanted tags that could be dynamically deleted or converted in <p> ?

There are pasteBlockTags and pasteInlineTags options in the Redactor doc (https://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/paste/#setting-pasteBlockTags), but it doesn't seems possible to add these options inside the JSON file stored in craft/config/redactor.

I also tried to add a new formattingAdd option, which I called Remove format, and replace unwanted tags by <p>, but this is an annoying solution because it needs to review each pieces of texts.

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Not a "real" answer because it won't fix your actual content, but I wrote a plugin that would make it easy to remedy your issue on the front end (i.e. in the template) –

To remove all <h1> and <h2> tags (content inside tags will not be removed):

{{ entry.someRedactorField|retconChange(['h1','h2'], false) }}

To change <h1> and <h2> tags into <p> tags:

{{ entry.someRedactorField|retconChange(['h1','h2'], 'p') }}

You can read more about the rectonChange filter used in the two examples above here.

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