Is it possible to implement PHPUnit into Craft CMS? If so, where can I find a good explanation or tutorial? I already tried a Github link for a plugin (testing the plugin).

But I am new to both but really want to TDD the plugins. Any example pages or a quick guide would be great!

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There is a good example of testing with PHPUnit in a Craft plugin here: https://github.com/selvinortiz/craft.loath and an example on how to stub out the global craft() class here: Stub out the global craft() object for PHPUnit tests

Note that testing in Craft should be a lot easier/convenient in the upcoming Craft 3.

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    In the upcoming Craft 3, it would be great if there came a section where Craft 3 and PHPUnit had a nice tutorial for beginners to write good plugins? Anyway thanks for the answer!
    – Bram B
    Aug 12, 2016 at 12:30

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