I'm working a plugin and part of the task is to grab the entry based on the current URI using craft()->request->getRequestUri().

Is there a way to grab the entry based on the URI from the request?


You can grab the current entry using the $uri = craft()->request->getRequestUri() which will return the URI in a format like so:


To grab the entry, its easiest to grab the element first, based on the URI, using craft()->elements->getElementByUri($uri). However, this will not work because of the beginning slash that is returned by getRequestUri. So you must remove the slash using ltrim like so:

$uri = ltrim(craft()->request->getRequestUri(), '/')

Once you have the URI, minus the beginning slash (path/to/uri), you can use $element = craft()->elements->getElementByUri($uri) to return the element and then grab the entry using $entry = craft()->entries->getEntryById($element->id).

If you were going to need this often, you can place it in a helper method on the controller.

private function getEntryByRequestUri()
    // remove the first trailing slash
    $uri = ltrim(craft()->request->getRequestUri(), '/');
    $element = craft()->elements->getElementByUri($uri);
    $entry = craft()->entries->getEntryById($element->id);
    if ($entry == null) {
        // log something and do something
    return $entry;

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