I'm trying to display the value/price of the default variant for a product.

This is what I currently have:

{% for variant in product.variants %}
  From {{ variant.price|currency(cart.currency) }}
{% endfor %}

This displays the price of every variant that a product has. How can I just display the default variant price? Or better still, the product variant with the lowest price.


You can access the default variant using {{ product.defaultVariant }}.

Because product.variants isn't an ElementCriteriaModel you can't sort it like one. You'd have to retrieve the products variants as an ElementCriteriaModel first like so:

{% set lowestPriceVariant = craft.commerce.variants({
  productId: product.id,
  order: 'variants.price'
}).first() %}

{{ lowestPriceVariant.title }}

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