We have a localized site with separate public directories. I'm looking for a method to handle image uploads for the different asset paths.

For example when uploading an asset within a particular locale, the image will be deposited in that public_*/uploads folder.

Asset Upload Locale

I thought perhaps concatenating the {craft.locale} in the asset path might work but it threw an error. I'm thinking that the locale doesn't change when selecting the language from the sidebar or asset dropdown.


I'm pretty stuck on this one and there doesn't seem to be any answers online. Any other ideas or solutions would be appreciated.

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{craft.locale} won't work because the single curly brace syntax is short for {{object.craft.locale}} where object is the element that is currently being edited (in your case, the entry). You can read more about that here: https://craftcms.com/docs/assets-fields#dynamic-subfolder-paths

Your screenshot shows the double curly syntax, though (which should work fine).

Alternatively you could use {locale}, which would translate into {{object.locale}}, which would be the currently locale of the entry.

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