I'm building my first Craft site and need to set a variable if a field has an image and then use that variable elsewhere in the template.

The field is part of a matrix and will repeat.

What I have so far is:

{# extra image #}
{% set asset = block.extraImage.first() %}
{# set variable empty so it's avialble outside of conditional #}
{% set float = "" %}

{% if asset %}
    <img src="{{ asset.url }}" alt="" class="img-responsive pull-right" />

    {% set float = yes %}           
{% endif %}

<div class="{{ float }}"> more code here </div>

The above code doesn't give me any template errors. But it also doesn't output the class as expected.

The full template code can be viewed here.

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You're trying to your float variable using another variable at the moment that isn't defined. I expect you mean to set float to the string value "yes" like so:

{% set float = "yes" %}

You could also use a conditional around your class declaration so you don't end up with empty classes and it'd also remove the need to define float as an empty value.

<div{% if float is defined %} class="{{ float }}"{% endif %}> more code here </div>

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