I've amended the time people have to verify an account, using:

'verificationCodeDuration' => 'P7D',

But, I've done this retrospectively, after the verification emails have all gone out (quite a lot of them). Will this new verification time be applied to verification links that have already been sent out? Or will I need to get those emails sent again, as only new verification links will have this applied?


If you check UsersService->isVerificationCodeValidForUser(), you can see that it's taking the current date/time and subtracting the verificationCodeDuration config setting value, then comparing that to the verificationCodeIssuedDate time that is saved for that user in the craft_users table. If the issued date/time is greater than the result of the subtraction date/time, then it's still valid, otherwise, not.

So because it's checking at runtime against the current date/time, the new verificationCodeDuration value will immediately take affect for any existing verification codes on a user.

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