Is it possible to use auto-generated subfolders within an asset field? Each time I've tried, I get errors upon submitting the form that seem unrelated and nothing posts.

I'm just trying to do a simple job application form on our website and I'd like to have the file dumped into the subfolders: {jobID}\{email} (jobID is passed in as a hidden field), this way I know there won't be any issues uploading files unless the same person applies multiple times to the same position in which I guess I could put a timestamp on there as well.

I've tried those simple variables mentioned above, and I've also tried {object.jobID}\{object.email} but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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I have created a form with a hidden field and asset field. The hidden field appears before the asset field:

enter image description here

We'll want to make the email field required because we are using that field in the auto-generated subfolders. (if it is empty it will generate an error)

Place a forward slash in before the folder location of the asset field: /{jobid}/{email}

enter image description here

The object variable will not work in the Sprout Forms context. We can use the field handle ({id}, {name}...) or the form object ({form.id}, {form.name}...) if you want to be more specific.


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    Thanks! It seems like the key was just to rearrange the order of my fields and put the others before my assets field. Commented Jun 29, 2016 at 15:15

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