My shop has one product. As such there isn't much point in me having a page displaying all products.

When I paste in my template code for my single product into Cart Commerce's main index template I get the error Variable "product" does not exist on the following code:

{% for purchasable in product.variants %}

    <option {% if purchasable.stock <= 0 and purchasable.unlimitedStock == false %}disabled {% endif %} value="{{ purchasable.purchasableId }}">{{ purchasable.description }} {{ purchasable.price|currency(cart.currency) }}</option>

{% endfor %}

Why is this being thrown up and how do I remedy this?


product will only be available by default if you're viewing the template set in the CP under that Product Type’s settings, and it's set up with a URL format:

Craft Commerce Product Type edit screen

If you want to display your product elsewhere on your site you will need to set it to a variable, using a Product Query:

{% set myProduct = craft.products.one() %}

…you can then loop through this Product's Variants (or just use myProduct.getDefaultVariant() if it only has one):

{# This example is part of an "add-to-cart" form! #}

Configure your {{ myProduct.title }}:

<select name="purchasableIds[]">
    {% for purchasable in myProduct.getVariants() %}
            {% if not purchasable.getIsAvailable() %}disabled{% endif %}
            value="{{ purchasable.purchasableId }}">
            {{ purchasable.description }}
            {{ purchasable.price | currency(cart.paymentCurrency) }}
    {% endfor %}

See the Commerce Documentation for more information about adding products to the cart!


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