I´m working on a new online shop and want to show the best sellers and the most viewed products.

Is this possible to do with craft commerce? I guess so, since it´s a basic functionality, but I could not find how to do this in the docs.

thanks. Sebastián.


This functionality does not currently exist natively in Commerce (June 2016).

You could probably use a plugin like entry count (https://www.putyourlightson.net/craft-entry-count) to achieve the most viewed (you might need to add commerce products support to that?).

For the best sellers, your best bet at the moment is probably to make a plugin that uses a query on the craft_commerce_lineitems table (along the lines of https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12235595/find-most-frequent-value-in-sql-column)...to return a twig variable of the n most popular product objects.

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