I am using the following code to save an asset that has been downloaded to the storage/runtime/temp directory from an external API

$response = craft()->assets->insertFileByLocalPath(

// if the response is a success, get the file id
if ($response && $response->isSuccess()) {
    $fileIds[] = $response->getDataItem('fileId');

In this example $photo[] array is the response from the api with all photo information. What I need to do is also save $photo['PhotoId'] to a field I have setup on the photo asset source in Craft.

I can't however find an example of how to achieve this. Does anyone know how?

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To save a custom field value on an Asset, you'll first need to pull the actual AssetFileModel, set the custom attribute on the Asset's ContentModel, and finally re-save the Asset.

The following example assumes you've set a field photoId on your asset source:

$fileId = $response->getDataItem('fileId');
$asset = craft()->assets->getFileById($fileId);
$asset->getContent()->setAttribute('photoId', $photo['PhotoId']);
$success = craft()->assets->storeFile($asset);

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