I run Craft Commerce and want people to get certain items for free, but still pass them through Commerce order system (in order to collect the emails and also perform some automation)

So basically they enter code and get 100% discount.

Now, if the person has ONLY free item in their cart, I don't want to ask them for credit card data or send to payment gateway. I want to just authorize the 'payment' of $0.00

I know I could use some template logic and use Manual or Dummy gateway, but I'm afraid some people will try to fool the system, so I want to make sure the 'free' gateway only works if order total is zero.

Does anyone know some plugin / custom gateway that I could use here?


Since it looks like the solution does not exist yet, I ended up creating custom plugin/gateway.

Works same as Manual gateway with the only difference that it only approves free purchases.


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