I'm writing a plugin for Craft Commerece that performs action on commerce_orders.onOrderComplete

I need to check the value of product custom field (Matrix) in order to determine action parameters.

I tried to use $lineItem->purchasable->product->myCustomFieldHandle, but this returns me ElementCriteriaModel without any data entered for product in this field.

Any ideas on how to get actual data saved in custom field for product?


I am pretty sure it's the same for a product as it is for any other Craft element, like an entry.

To get simple fields:


To handle matrix fields, just loop through the matrix blocks:

$matrixBlocks = $lineItem->purchasable->product->matrixFieldHandle; 
foreach ($matrixBlocks as $block){
    echo $block->id;
    echo $block->fieldHandle;
    if ($block->fieldHandle == "whatever"){

Certainly that works with SuperTable fields on a product, pretty sure it's the same with matrix fields.


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