I would like to create a plugin/function to move all unused assets (which are not related to a entry) to a specific folder in the same assets source. Now i try to create the function to move a single file by referring the id of the file. But i get always errors... The function should look like this:

public function moveFileToFolder($fileId,$idOfTargetFolder,$assetSourceId) {

Thanks for any help!

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I found the solution: The moveFiles function provide the function to move a file:

* Move or rename files.
* @param        $fileIds
* @param        $folderId
* @param string $filename If this is a rename operation or not.
* @param array  $actions  Actions to take in case of a conflict.
* @throws Exception
* @return bool|AssetOperationResponseModel

public function moveFiles($fileIds, $folderId, $filename = '', $actions = array())

So for me the following code works to move the file with the id 21 to the folder with the id 3:

craft()->assets->moveFiles([21], 3,'', "keepBoth");
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    Thanks for sharing! I kept getting an Undefined offset: 1 error when moving multiple files though. So if you try this, remember to make $actions an array with the same length as $fileIds. Like this: craft()->assets->moveFiles([21, 22], 3,'', ['keepBoth', 'keepBoth']); Commented Jan 17, 2017 at 7:08

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