What I'm looking for is to add in a custom column that either has a checkmark or not based on if the entry's slug has a certain set of characters.


This would get a check: sluggyslug-SC_01234X

This would not: sluggyslug

I would be looking at the slug and matching via regex for the SC_XXXXX portion.

I see there is the hook defineAdditionalEntryTableAttributes and getEntryTableAttributeHtml but I get an error when I try to set them.

The code I tried in my plugin:

public function defineAdditionalEntryTableAttributes()
    return array(
        'something' => "Some Column",

public function getEntryTableAttributeHtml(EntryModel $entry, $attribute)
    if ($attribute == 'something')
        if (preg_match("/(?:SC_\w{5})$/", $entry->slug)) {
          return '<div class="center">&#x2713;</div>';

If I try to add the column, I just get this via the getElements ajax call.

Property "Craft\EntryModel.something" is not defined.

Is there anyway to add a column like this?


The error points to a missing corresponding field with handle 'something' in the entry model.

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