I've been trying to setup my site on IIS, which runs fine on Apache, without success.

My setup is this (with rewrites) / (loads craft for the admin panel) /en (loads the english homepage) /fr (loads the french homepage)

The root works without any issues so the web.config does its job. The same web.config lives in the fr and en folder, but as soon as I try to get in there, I hit a 500.

If I remove the web.config from those 2 folders, I get the homepage of each language, but nothing for the entries.

Anywone knows how to get it to work ?

I'm also trying to get everything working with a single php file that checks for the lang in the p parameter and sets it, but Craft doesn't receive the good slug, even if I modify the p parameter to remove the language.


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Looks like it was only because I was missing the clear tag in my rules in the subfolders. Everything works like a charm now.

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