I am currently adding a link to download the order PDF in the confirmation email with {{ order.getPdfUrl() }} but also want this to be an attachment.


Currently (Craft Commerce 1.1) there is no way to attach the PDF in an order status email, it can only be a link to download the PDF. For now, I suggest you make a feature request here: http://feedback.craftcms.com/forums/295386-commerce/filters/top


You can send an email via your plugin's init() function like so:

craft()->on( 'email.onBeforeSendEmail', function( Event $event ){
    $email = $event->params['emailModel'];
    $attachment = array(
        'path'     => '/var/www/public/assets/downloads/filename.pdf',
        'name'     => 'File Title',
        'encoding' => 'base64',
        'type'     => 'application/pdf'
    $email->addAttachment($attachment['path'], $attachment['name'], $attachment['encoding'], $attachment['type']);

Obviously, you'll want to do some checks on the Event and pass that off to a service to determine the logic for what should actually be attached.

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