I'm listening on an entries save event with:

craft()->on('entries.saveEntry', function(Event $event) {
  //$event->params['entry']); -> passes to function 

How can I assess assets that are also part of that saved entry?

$event->params['entry']->getContent()->{fieldname} doesn't give me the array with information I was hoping for.

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This gives you an EntryModel:

$entryModel = $event->params['entry'];

This will give you an array of AssetFileModels:

$assetFileModels = $entryModel->myAssetFieldHandle

You can loop through them like so:

foreach ($assetFileModels as $assetFileModel)
    $url = $assetFileModel->getUrl();

What about $event->params['entry']->{fieldname}

Wouldn't that be enough?

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