Considering the way table field content is saved to the database, could I search entries for content in a specific column?

So, say I have a table field containing X column, I would only want to search for an ID, located in column 3. Did anyone ever successfully try this?


I don't believe this is possible using the native search functionality.

You can search for a specific value within a table field using:

{% set results = craft.entries.search('tableField:"ID"') %}

That should return all entries that contain "ID" in tableField, but it doesn't restrict the search to a particular column in the table.

How likely is it that the ID will occur in other columns of the table?

  • In case of the ID, not likely. But, the column I search for could be partially the same as another column. I'll just have to make sure it isn't, then ;)
    – Paul
    Jun 13 '16 at 14:05

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