Many of the customers we'll be selling to are tax-exempt entities. We're located in OH, so for OH customers we're applying sales tax through the Tax Zone setup in Commerce. Is there a way to not apply the tax based on some conditional, even though their billing address is in OH?


OK So I figured this one out eventually. It's a very hacky fix. I added an adjuster that is basically an exact copy of the built-in Tax Adjuster (found at plugins/commerce/Commerce/Adjusters/Commerce_TaxAdjuster.php). The only difference is that I added a condition to check for my Tax Exempt field (and that we're in the OH tax zone), and then removed the tax amount instead of added it.

ie, I changed things like

$allRemovedTax += $amount;
$item->tax += $amount;


$allRemovedTax -= $amount;
$item->tax -= $amount;

And then added the whole thing to a new custom plugin.

What this results in is tax being applied normally, and then the same tax being removed.

If anybody comes across this and has a better solution, I'd love to hear it. But this works for now.

  • That alone did not work for me, I needed to modify optionsJson array like this: ` $taxRateAttributes = $taxRate->attributes;` ` $taxRateAttributes["name"] .= " Excempt";` ` $taxRateAttributes["rate"] = -$taxRateAttributes["rate"];` ` $adjustment->optionsJson = $taxRateAttributes;` – Yuri Salimovskiy Oct 27 '16 at 16:26

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