I want to show a user the total sum of all their orders. My problem: In the result the decimals are "lost" and always show as zeros.

{% set totalOrders = 0 %}
{% for order in craft.commerce.orders.customer(craft.commerce.customer).find() %}
  {% set totalOrders = totalOrders + order.totalPrice|currency(order.currency) %}
{% endfor %}
{{ totalOrders|currency(order.currency) }}

The trouble you are running into is trying to add a string value to an integer to get your total.

You have to use order.totalPrice without the currency filter to be able to add all the values together.

{% set cart = craft.commerce.cart %}
{% set totalOrders = 0 %}

{% for order in craft.commerce.orders.customer( craft.commerce.customer ).find() %}
  {% set totalOrders = totalOrders + order.totalPrice %}
{% endfor %}

{{ totalOrders|currency( cart.currency ) }}

Only apply the currency filter once all the calculations are complete.

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