I have a custom plugin in which I have a controller action which I want to validate some values and then update a custom field on the Cart.

I can get the values from the form and validate them, I'm just missing how to get them saved to the Cart.

I've tried the following:

$this->cart->setRawPostContent('orderShippingOptions', $myValue);

And also just:

$this->cart->setContentFromPost(['orderShippingOptions' => $myValue]);

I'm feel like I'm in the right area, I'm just missing something simple.

Any help gratefully received.


You can do this directly as:

$cart->setContentFromPost(array( 'someKey' => $someValue ));

(You'll need the saveOrder step as you're in your own controller, but note e.g. if you're doing this in e.g. a Commerce shipping calculator plugin, you can skip this step for efficiency reasons as a saveOrder occurs at the end of that process anyway).


Turns out I really overthought this one! It's exactly the same as you would usually do it in Craft.

    'orderShippingOptions' => $myValue


The bit I was missing was craft()->commerce_orders->saveOrder($this->cart);

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    Or alternatively... $cart->setContentFromPost(array( 'someKey' => $someValue )); and then craft()->commerce_orders->saveOrder($cart); May 23 '16 at 13:06
  • Thanks Jeremy (again)! I thought I'd be pushing my luck if I asked you a follow up! This is much more succinct than mine, so if you want to add this as a proper answer, I'm happy to accept it. I'm going with this method. May 23 '16 at 13:24

For reference, the Craft 3 version of setContentFromPost is setFieldValuesFromRequest

And you can so things like:

$order->setFieldValue("customFieldHandle", "My value");


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