I want to link to enabled sibling entries within a structure and am struggling to get it working.

This is what my structure looks like:

Because I only want to fetch entries that are enabled, I followed the docs instructions and fetch previous entries like this:

{% set prevEntry = craft.entries.positionedBefore(entry).order('lft desc').first() %}

With this, when on the Prince Phillip entry, I thought that would return null for prevEntry, but it is returning the Altynia Asylmoratova entry.

How can I fetch previous and next entries that are direct siblings and enabled?

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After trying a few more things, I realised I needed the descendantOf parameter to get this working.

This is what my code looks like:

{% set prevEntry = craft.entries.descendantOf(entry.parent).positionedBefore(entry).order('lft desc').first() %}
{% if prevEntry is null %}
  {% set prevEntry = entry.siblings.last() %}
{% endif %}

{% set nextEntry = craft.entries.descendantOf(entry.parent).positionedAfter(entry).first() %}
{% if nextEntry is null %}
  {% set nextEntry = entry.siblings.first() %}
{% endif %}

This restricts the positionedBefore and positionedAfter parameters to only work with entries that have the same parent as the current entry.

If there is no previous or next entry, I link to the first or last sibling entry instead, creating a loop.

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