I am attempting to read out the entry field attributes by using the attributeConfigs array of the EntryModel.

When I review the EntryModel object, using id and title as an example. I request the attribute configs like this:

    $entry->attributeConfigs['id'] // Works
    $entry->attributeConfigs['title'] // Undefined index error

All though the index exists in the array

    [_attributeConfigs:Craft\ContentModel:private] => Array
        [id] => Array
                [maxLength] => 11
                [min] => -2147483648
                [max] => 2147483647
                [decimals] => 0
                [type] => number
                [unsigned] => 
                [length] => 10
                [column] => integer

        [title] => Array
                [required] => 
                [maxLength] => 255
                [label] => Title
                [type] => string

Is there any way I can access these configurations?


An entry's title is stored on the ContentModel, so you'd need to do:

$content = $entry->getContent();

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