I am having an issue whereby a form field is causing errors with Sprout Forms & Sprout Email to function.

I have found the root of the problem in that the field, fullName was causing errors, so changing it to contactFullName seemed like a good idea, as not to confuse matters with Craft's own field fullName.

When checking the logs after making these changes, sproutemail.log was still indicating an error related to the fullName field. Strange! I had changed this! It seems that there is a craft/storage/runtime/compiled_templates/03/****.php where *** is a long string filename used. Going to Settings -> Refreshing the compiled templates did not fix this either, so what can I do to refresh this compiled template to reflect my changes?

Thanks in advance.

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You can delete that folder entirely and it will get re-created on the next request that needs a template.

If it's not updating, chances are you've got some PHP byte-level caching extension installed like APC or OPcache that's not busting cache properly.


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