I am attempting to strip out <p> tags around <img> tags that are automatically getting generated in a WYSIWYG field.

The error: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier '&gt;'

{{ story.html|raw|replace('/<p>\s*(<a .*>)?\s*(<img .* \/>)\s*(<\/a>)?\s*<\/p>/iU','\1\2\3') }}



I'm not sure what's going on with the story.html part, but you'll need to double escape your regex.

Assuming you have an entry already with a story Rich Text field, it'd look like this:

{{ entry.body|raw|replace("/<p>\\s*(<a .*>)?\\s*(<img .* \\/>)\\s*(<\\/a>)?\\s*<\\/p>/iU", "\1\2\3") }}

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