What I'm trying to do is add two checkbox in the entry edition page, just under the dates or special notes, somewhere here : enter image description here

Then if the checkbox is checked, I check it with an event and perform an action. But I dont know how to display my two checkboxes, I know it's all about the hook but I can't find the one.

Any advices ?


Well I found the way lurking into source code. You can see a

{# Give plugins a chance to add other panes here #}
{% hook "cp.entries.edit.right-pane" %}

Even though this hook is not listed in official documentation, you can access using the craft()->on() syntax, so I did this inside my plugin class :

public function init() {


    craft()->templates->hook('cp.entries.edit.right-pane', function(&$context) {

        // do stuff here

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